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We are on a mission to help others benefit from the natural healing powers of hemp.

The WellBeings team is a diverse collection of individuals with varied professional experience including design, education, nutritional supplements, finance, technology, biomedical engineering, chemistry, and specialty food. Our commonality is our passion for understanding the healing power of hemp. We create functionally-informed formulations around CBD to produce best-in-class products to drive a new generation of natural wellness. We are on a mission to help others understand and benefit from alternative choices for a healthier future.

Focused on the future.

A few years ago, WellBeings founder Scott Wilson was suffering from chronic back pain caused by degenerative spinal disease and herniated discs. As the CEO of his Chicago design firm MINIMAL, father of two young girls, and a life-long competitive baseball pitcher, Scott has always lived by the mantra “work hard, play hard.” Chronic pain kept him from being himself. He turned to medication and regular epidural steroid injections to cope with the demands of daily life. Side effects and the prospect of long-term reliance on pharmaceuticals did not seem sustainable. On the verge of invasive surgery, Scott was introduced to CBD and through research and trial, he transformed his own wellness ritual. Today, he manages his pain naturally with CBD, low-impact exercise, and diet. He hasn’t had an epidural or even taken pharmaceuticals regularly for two years.

Inspired by his own successful transition to natural pain management, Scott was driven to introduce others to the misunderstood and underutilized power of hemp. As former Global Creative Director at Nike and recipient of the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award, Scott has repeatedly used his design expertise to create human-centered innovations and emotional connections in a variety of industries. An entrepreneur at heart and founder of numerous disruptive start-ups, Scott funneled his energy towards natural wellness and began researching and incubating WellBeings in 2018. Determined to better understand hemp and help drive the future through education and design, Scott assembled a team that worked passionately doing diligence on sources, methods, and partners for nearly a year.

With an uncompromising devotion to quality, our focus is on the future. We will continue to learn and innovate offering best-in-class products, introducing custom formulas, and designing proprietary devices to enable people to manage pain, anxiety, sleep, and elevate their general wellbeing naturally.

Our Devotion to Quality

Our team spent thousands of hours researching the highest quality hemp, extraction methods, and synergists. We vetted dozens of cultivation, processing and formulation partners prior to developing our product line and we stand by each for its quality and consistency. As this industry grows and changes, our hunger for learning, forward-thinking functional design, and benefit-forward user experience will ensure that we are at the forefront of information and deliver innovative products.